Wizard Conflict

A surprisingly strategic action game.

This was the first game I made while I was at university. The gameplay is simple – you spawn units from your side of the screen. The objective is to get your troops past your opponent for bonus points. To win you need to get a wizard unit past your adversary, usually through cunning or by using a points advantage. It was based on a game called Wizard Battle made by Foppy.

The story is that Wizard Battle was a “one switch” game, meaning the controls consist of only one button, thus allowing impaired people to play it. The downside to this was that it tired my fingers out during competitive games with friends. I figured that a touchscreen mobile variant of the game would allow for playing on the go. So a few months and a lot of coding, Wizard Conflict was released for iOS. I’m quite amazed that it still runs perfectly on the newest iPads four years after release. It was written in C++ using a simple game engine I made on top of SDL, OpenGL and CocosDenshion for audio playback.

In 2012 Foppy followed up with a sequel to Wizard Battle, namely Wizard Battle 2. It’s available on Google Play and Kongregate. I recommend giving it a try, but think the original PC game had more charm.

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