About Sam A brief biography of Sam Twidale.

I’m a software engineer and game developer.

Here is the one minute biography.


When I was 3 I started playing games like Mario, Castlevania and Contra on a NES. By 11 I was discovering titles like Doom, Might and Magic, Wizardry on PC. I frazzled people with fire blast in RuneScape and started to learn the names of game developers.


At 15 I found Cooperative Linux, software for running Linux from the familiarity of Windows. I saw the kind of work went into open source software and began to pick up programming.


At 18 I began studying software engineering at the University of York. Through university I met Eric Westbrook, a partially-sighted crossword setter. Collaborating with him, I made an accessible crossword program to enable everybody to solve 3D crossword puzzles.


Whilst playing a one-switch indie game called Wizard Battle, I decided to also make a game like it, and a few months later I released my first game – Wizard Conflict.


After graduating from university I worked at Stainless Games on the Isle of Wight, where I maintained the mobile ports of the original Carmageddon games.


Today I live in Kingston upon Hull where I spend my days developing open source software like Geometrize and indie games like Werewolf Tycoon. In my day job I work on medical simulation and training software for radiotherapy.

1993   Acquired NES
2000   Acquired Internet
2006   Started Using Linux
2011   First Game Released!
2013   Stainless
2015   Independent Development
2016   Vertual