About Sam The brief biography of Sam Twidale.

I’m a game developer and software engineer. Most recently I’ve been developing indie games.
Here is the one minute biography.

When I was 3 I started playing games like Super Mario Brothers, Castlevania and Contra on the NES.

By 11 I was online and using a PC with a turbo button, discovering games like Doom, Might and Magic, Wizardry. I frazzled people with fire blast in RuneScape. I started learning the names of people who made these games.

When I was 15 I heard about Cooperative Linux, software that let me run Linux from the familiarity of my cheap Windows laptop. I experimented with Linux and started to see what was going on behind the scenes with open source software. Soon after I started to pick up programming and scripting.

At 18 I started studying software engineering at the University of York.

Through university I met Eric Westbrook, a crossword setter who specialized in making crosswords accessible to visually impaired people. Thanks to him I made accessible crossword software to enable blind people to solve 3D crossword puzzles.

One day whilst playing an amazing indie game called Wizard Battle, it dawned on me that I could make a game like it. A few months later I released my first game, Wizard Conflict.

After university I moved over to Stainless Games on the Isle of Wight. I maintained the ports of the original Carmageddon games for mobile and helped out on some of their other titles.

I currently live in Kingston upon Hull. Recently I’ve been collaborating with friends on games like Werewolf Tycoon. In my day job I develop radiotherapy-related medical simulation and training software.

1993 Acquired NES
2000 Acquired Internet
2006 Started Using Linux
2011 First Game Released!
2013 Stainless
2015 Independent Development
2016 Vertual